Our Growth Strategy

Avino’s Integrated Growth Model embodies our Core Values, strategies and commitment to building relationships. This model and approach have fueled our growth for 50 years

To achieve its growth benchmarks, Avino remains focused on the following objectives:

  1. Maintain and improve profitable mining operations while managing operating costs and achieving efficiencies;
  2. Increase Avino Mine production with the completion of the Mill Circuit 4;
  3. Conduct a successful drill program in 2018 to increase and improve confidence in our resource base at Bralorne;
  4. Continue mine expansion drilling and explore regional targets on the Avino property;
  5. Follow the recommendations made in the 2017 PEA on the oxide tailings resource at the Avino Mine and assess the potential for processing the oxide tailings resource; and,
  6. Complete paste backfill engineering and commerce the construction of the paste backfill plant

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