Why Invest In Avino?

  • Assets and Location

    Avino Silver & Gold Mines is a primary silver producer and explorer in Mexico
    - Mexico’s next intermediate producer

  • Longevity

    • Avino is in its 55th year
    • Proven track record
  • Project Portfolio

    Avino Mine - Production
    Beat internal estimate for 2022 - 2.65M AgEq oz vs. 2.2 - 2.4 estimate

    Oxide Tailings Project - Development
    Metallurgical Testwork completed; Pre-Feasibility study to commence shortly

    La Preciosa - Development
    Acquired March 2022 from Coeur Mining Inc. adjacent to Avino Mine in Durango


  • Large Silver Equivalent Resource Base

    368 million AgEq Oz - Consolidated NI 43-101 Mineral Resources at November 30, 2022

    60% Silver - Acquisition of La Preciosa shifts resources to primarliy silver

  • Catalysts for Growth

    La Preciosa - Future silver production asset

    Oxide Tailings Project - Future gold and silver production asset

    Avino - Regional exploration and resource expansion for future growth production

  • Financial Performance

    Key Highlights - Q4 & Full Year 2022

    • Record Quarterly and Annual Revenues
      • Q4 - 14.6 million
      • 2022 - $44.2 million
    • Net Earnings
      • Q4 - $1.3 million or $0.01 per share
      • 2022 - $3.1 million or $0.03 per share
    • Annual cash flow generated from operations - $11.8 million
    • Free-cash flow generated for 2022 - $2.9 million
    • Avino Mine Major Capital Expenditure Programs - Completed
  • Undervalued Relative to our Peers

    Undervalued relative to our silver peers on P/NAV and EV/oz by many multiples

  • Award winning CSR/ESG Initiatives

    • Avino is in it’s 54th year of operations and mining in Mexico
    • 100% Mexican labor force
    • Implementation of industy best practices, and recently received The ESR® Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 
    • Support the health, safety & wellness of our workforce in Mexico and Canada
  • Exploration

    • The Company’s budgeted exploration and evaluation expenditures for 2023 are focused on further drilling below Level 17 at the ET Area of the Avino Mine, where the Company successfully extended mineralization over 300 metres below the lowest level of production mining operations.
    • A further 8,000 metres of drilling have been budgeted at this time. Exploration may not be limited to this area, and during the year our priority targets may change if geological interpretations on other areas present enhanced opportunity.
  • Advanced Infrastructure

    Avino’s operations in Mexico benefit greatly from abundant local skills, transportation, power and water. 

    The installation and commissioning of the dry-stack tailings project has been completed and the facility is now fully operational. Avino chose dry-stack tailings for its environmental, safety and economic advantages. Dry-stack tailings improve the overall tailings facility safety and stability and reduces the need for fresh water by recycling the water contained in the tailings. In addition, dry-stack tailings require less storage area which results in a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Commitment

    We owe our long-term success to the team’s passionate commitment to our vision, values and growth model.

  • Silver Use Expanding

    Silver is one of the world’s most important metals. Growing applications in industry, technology, medicine and other sectors, along with growing  investment demand, support silver’s long-term attractiveness.

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