Dry Stack Tailings Facility

Dry Stack Fact sheet


Avino’s tailings management system is based on our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

We approach our tailings management with respect for the people in our communities and the environment. When we consider our environmental approach, we strive to meet or exceed expectations while being guided by best practice standards globally.

In recent years, Avino held community forums in the surrounding towns to provide information on tailings storage methods.

Federal permits were obtained for a traditional tailings facility; however the communities expressed some concerns around the traditional system for disposal of tailings.

Avino, respecting these concerns from the community, started looking into alternative tailings storage methods. Avino selected DRY STACK TAILINGS, which is the world’s best and safest forms of tailings management systems.

The original permits issued Federally were amended a few years later for DRY STACK TAILINGS and then Avino began the process of constructing the DRY STACK TAILINGS FACILITY, which is now fully operational.

Our new facility was designed and constructed by a local contractor experienced with DRY STACK design and technology and utilizes Diemme filters with the highest engineering quality to meet and exceed regulatory and international requirements.

Our improved storing method exemplifies Avino’s commitment to operational excellence and includes thorough and independent technical oversight of our facilities’ design and operation.

Diemme Filtration has provided DRY STACK TAILINGS filters for many companies operating in Mexico, such as, but not limited to, Endeavour Silver, First Majestic and Fortuna Silver.

The advantages of DRY STACK TAILINGS include:

  • Less freshwater usage
  • Less land is required (smaller environmental footprint)
  • No dam is required
  • Improved geotechnical stability and seismic performance
  • Maximum water recovery and recycle  
  • Higher social acceptability
  • Safety as there is no dam or geotechnical structure to fail
  • Eliminates groundwater contamination

During our 50+ years of operation, there has never been a tailings breach at a Company-owned facility, and we continue to be vigilant, comprehensive and responsible in how tailings are managed at our facilities to maintain this record.

We work to meet or exceed expectations to minimize our environmental impacts at our site and to manage our activities in a way which prevents any risks or impacts to the surrounding communities of Avino.


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