Our CSR Mandate

At Avino, we believe that when business, societal and environmental interests overlap, everyone wins.

Having operated in the same community in Mexico for more than 40 years, Avino has benefited from longstanding relationships that continue to aid the company’s ongoing development. Our goal is to make meaningful contributions to the communities in which we operate by engaging the local workforce, providing new opportunities and continually looking for ways to better the lives of our employees and their families.

From the top down, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard in corporate citizenship. We are committed to growing in a sustainable manner that supports the well-being of our communities and the environment in which we operate. We value our reputation and the trust and confidence placed in us by our stakeholders.

Our goal is to minimize the environmental effects of our operations, provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees and contractors and to conserve both human and environmental resources for future generations.

We recognize that the ability to generate long-term value for our shareholders is firmly rooted in the manner in which we conduct ourselves, how we treat our employees, how we interact with the communities in which we operate, and how we respect the environment.

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