Vision & Values

Our Vision

Avino’s vision is to help empower and connect the world by supplying metals for investment, technology, and industry through our operations in Mexico and Canada.

We will realize our vision by respecting and honouring our workforce, host communities and all other stakeholders while improving lives and generating long-term wealth for our shareholders.

Our Core Values

Avino’s Core Values are built upon our Brand Pillars of Growth, Quality and Relationships.




Grow organically

Strive for profitability


Take the path less traveled

Strive for sustainability


Be trailblazers

Seek the best solution, even it if takes longer


Work creatively

Hard work, diligence


Focus on education, training

Team synergy/teamwork

Community engagement

Eagerness to evolve

Focus on safety

First Nations engagement

Evolutionary thinking

Don’t cut corners

Family business/values

Invest & welcome technology

Critical thinking

Value driven

Seek unconventional solutions

Value driven

People focused

Work with passion/ambition

Take responsibility


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