Avino November Production Report for 2013

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Avino Silver and Gold Mines Ltd. (“Avino” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the November 2013 production results from its San Gonzalo mine and Avino Mine surface stockpile operations located on the Avino property near Durango, Mexico.

November production from the San Gonzalo Mine and Avino Mine surface stockpiles are presented below along with a comparison with October output from both areas:

  Days of Operation Total Mill Feed (metric tonnes) Feed Grade Silver (g/t) Feed Grade Gold (g/t) Recovery Silver (%) Recovery Gold (%) Total Silver Produced (oz) Calculated Total Gold Produced (oz) Calculated Total November Silver Eq. Produced (oz) Calculated Total October Silver Eq. Produced (oz) Calculated % Change YTD Silver Eq. Produced Calculated
San Gonzalo (Circuit 1) 29 6,602 290 1.54 85 76 52,284 249 68,492 58,279 17.5 685,629
Historic Above Ground Stock Piles (Circuit 2) 29 6,491 90 0.87 68 56 12,826 101 19,418 21,242 (8.6) 126,509
  13,093   65,110 350 87,910 79,521 10.5 812,138

Silver equivalent was calculated using a 65:1 ratio for silver to gold. Mill production figures have not been reconciled and are subject to adjustment with concentrate sales. Year-to-date and calculated figures may not add up due to rounding.

“We are pleased to report another record month of production between our two operations. Increased production along with our decreasing costs will put Avino in a strong position for 2014. We continue to apply our earnings towards our expansion which is progressing as planned.”

– David Wolfin, President, CEO & Director, Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.

San Gonzalo
Comparative production numbers from November and October 2013 at San Gonzalo, as well as 2013 yearly totals are reported as follows:

  Nov 2013 Oct 2013 Monthly Change % YTD SG
Total Mill Feed (dry tonnes) 6,602 6,468 2.1 72,131
Average Daily Throughput (tpd) 228 216 5.6 224
Days of Operation 29 30 (3.3) 322
Feed Grade Silver (g/t) 290 264 9.8 288
Feed Grade Gold (g/t) 1.54 1.22 26.2 1.31
Bulk Concentrate (dry tonnes) 202 202 0 2,219
Bulk Concentrate Grade Silver (kg/t) 8.04 7.15 12.4 7.76
Bulk Concentrate Grade Gold (g/t) 38.3 28.0 36.8 31.0
Recovery Silver (%) 85 85 0 83
Recovery Gold (%) 76 72 5.6 73
Mill Availability (%) 97.7 94.6 3.3 95.8
Total Silver Produced (kg) 1,626 1,445 12.5 17,214
Total Gold Produced (g) 7,756 5,661 37.0 68.746
Total Silver Produced (oz) calculated 52,284 46,448 12.5 553,450
Total Gold Produced (oz) calculated 249 182 37.0 2,210
Total Silver Equivalent Produced (oz) 68,492 58,279 17.5 685,629

Silver equivalent was calculated using a 65:1 ratio for silver to gold, Mill production figures have not been reconciled and are subject to adjustment with concentrate sales. Year-to-date and calculated figures may not add up due to rounding.

November Highlights

  • Tonnes processed in November were higher by 2.1% even though there was one less operating day. The improvement was due to the higher mill availability change of 3.3%.
  • Both silver and gold production was up in November by 12.5% and 37.0% respectively.
  • Production improvement was due to the higher feed grades, specifically gold where the increase was 26.2% over October.
  • Gold recovery was also improved by 5.6%, silver recovery was stable at 85%
  • Concentrate grades of silver and gold also improved compared to October by 12.4% and 36.8% respectively.

Circuit 2 - Avino Mine Stock Piles

Comparative production numbers from November and October 2013 from the Avino Mine stock pile operation, as well as 2013 yearly totals are reported as follows:

  Nov 2013 Oct 2013 % Change YTD 2013
Total mill feed - (dry tonnes) 6,491 6,671 (2.7) 47,722
Days of Operation 29 30 (3.3) 224
Feed grade Silver - g/t 90 96 (6.3) 85
Feed grade Gold - g/t 0.87 1.20 (27.5) 0.85
Bulk concentrate - (dry tonnes) 73 94 (22.3) 577
Bulk Concentrate Grade Silver (kg/t) 5.490 4.181 31.3 4.531
Bulk Concentrate Grade Gold (g/t) 43.41 43.88 (1.1) 36.97
Recovery Silver (%) 68 61 11.5 65
Recovery Gold (%) 56 51 9.8 53
Mill availability (%) 95.1 93.9 1.3 90.9
Total Silver Produced (oz) calculated 12,826 12,628 1.6 84,052
Total Gold Produced (oz) calculated 101 133 (24.1) 686
Total Silver Eq. Produced (oz) calculated 19,418 21,242 (8.6) 126,509

Silver equivalent was calculated using a 65:1 ratio for silver to gold, Mill production figures have not been reconciled and are subject to adjustment with concentrate sales. Year-to-date and calculated figures may not add up due to rounding.

November Highlights

  • Tonnage processed in November was lower due to one less operating day.
  • Gold production was down due to the lower feed grade.
  • Silver feed grade was lower but a higher silver recovery was achieved resulting in little or no change to silver production.
  • The silver grade in the concentrate also improved by 31.3%

“Our efforts at continuous improvement and optimization of the operations have resulted in achieving positive results during this period of low metal prices. It is a tribute to the operational team we have and we will continue to strive for optimum returns for the benefit of our shareholders”

– Jasman Yee Director, Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Mill assays are performed at the mine’s on-site lab. Check samples are verified by Inspectorate Labs in Reno, Nevada. San Gonzalo concentrate shipments are assayed at AH Knight in Manzanillo, Mexico. The Avino stockpile concentrate shipments are assayed at LSI in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Qualified Person(s)

Avino’s projects are under the supervision of Chris Sampson, P.Eng, Avino Consultant and Jasman Yee P.Eng, Avino Director, who are both qualified persons within the context of National Instrument 43-101. Both have reviewed and approved the technical data in this news release.

About Avino

Avino’s mission is to create shareholder value through profitable organic growth at the Avino property. We are committed to managing all business activities in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner while contributing to the well-being of the community in which we operate.

Management remains focused on the following key objectives:

  1. Maintain profitable mining operations at San Gonzalo while decreasing operating costs and improving efficiency;
  2. Develop the Avino mine for mineral production, expand mill output from 500 to 1,500 tpd;
  3. Continue to review and develop plans to process the oxide tailings resource from previous milling operations (PEA issued in 2012);
  4. Continue to explore regional targets on the property followed by other properties in our portfolio.


“David Wolfin”

David Wolfin
President & CEO
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.

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